Terms & Conditions

    Website & Auction Terms and Condition

    • We do not provide any warranty on any type of Vehicle.
    • In this session we are offering a platform, not selling any vehicle.
    • Uploading the details of a vehicles are free.
    • We are only medium source for buying & selling vehicles.
    • In this service we don’t have any type of relation to buyers and sellers. To provide a platform for buying and selling vehicle by us, that’s our work.
    • We accept amount only by online payment using of our platform and Cheque or DD on our company name Mateshwari Autosales Private Limited Jaipur.
    • We receive amount and send a proper receipt from our office.
    • If any other person takes amount using of our company name then we will not responsible for it.
    • If any person who sells any vehicle to take our company name then we will not responsible for it because we didn't a grant permission to any other person to take our company name for selling vehicles.
    • Before buying and selling vehicles please verify all details because if any problem occurs related to verifying vehicle details then we will not responsible for it.
    • A Member can get one-year membership after paying a fee.
    • A Member should be deposit fee within two days after placed successful Bid.
    • If the member does not submit payment within given time than we will cancel membership and locked user ID and password and deduct 7000Rs for one year membership and 5000RS for lifetime membership also.
    • A Member can bid according to his self.
    • A Member can get our membership for one year or a lifetime, he can take one-year membership at Rs.7000/ and lifetime membership at Rs.17000/-, he can take also lifetime membership at Rs.27000/-which will refundable after one year.
    • We deposit only D.D. for Auction purpose and return it after submitting bid amount.
    • A Member have to submit parking charge by his self.
    • A Member will bid after checking vehicle condition.
    • A Member is responsible for damage or replacement of any part.
    • The free buyer will be responsible for the transfer of ownership in the registration of the vehicle.
    • The entire responsibility of the product purchased by our company will be the buyer himself.
    • The Brokerage fee of 1.5% per lakh of every vehicle purchased (Two Wheeler, 3 Wheeler, 4 wheeler and truck and commercial vehicles). Will be payable to our company.
    • Broker fees bidding below 75000/- will be 500/-.
    • The Free member can be buying or selling vehicles online at own risk.
    • A free member can save his self by our company from any fraud of others
    • After satisfy to seeing vehicles or informations on our website, you can purchase or selling your vehicle.
    • You can consult to our specialist for any informations related to RTO office or any other information.
    • Our company is working on commission base only, in which all buyer commission can buy or sell any product.
    • We are not responsible for illegal use of our selling vehicles.
    • We will not tamper with the engine number or chassis number of any vehicles and we will remain original.
    • Check the vehicle's engine and chassis number before purchasing, then you can bid.
    • The liability of the vehicles will be the liability of the buyer, such as R.T.O, office related dues, the transaction of the sales, tax finanicer, the transaction of the partnership without the responsibility of the third party claim, the criminal case etc.
    • If a buyer win auction after participating and didn't pay on time then his membership would cancelled
      and will be blocked his ID and Password.

    Membershiip Cancellation Fee after found defaulter

    1. One time membership of buyer can loss with entire amount of 7000/-.
    2. Lifetime membership of buyer can loss with 5000/- of 17000/- then 5000/- have to deposite by itself.
    3. Lifetime & Refundtable membership can loss with 5000/- of 27000/- then 5000/- have to deposite by itself.